Architecture, 2018

Project of Design Discovery, Harvard Graduate School of Design/ 06.18.2018-07.25.2018

PLUS SMILE (+U+)  is a pavilion creates an oddly satisfying experience for education, relaxation and socialization. Focusing on the topic of “SPA” which aims to open up people ’s physical and emotional sensory for all generations and groups. Trying this fun program that offers comfort and pleasure in daily life, also engage beyond boundaries.

By introducing spa( indoor, outdoor, different sizes and treatments) , sauna, art installation, event, smiling center, also include restaurant and baby care center to bring people inside the camminity, inside Boston, have fun together. 

The pavilion is designed in round organic shape, aim for people to feel ease while walking in swimsuits. It has several entries, that considering the site is huge, so people can get in to the entry that they are interested,  also it’s not necessary to visit the pavilion all in once. However the main entry locates right on the main street, after experiencing the whole pavilion, there is a happy center offers to feel fresh and confident.

For relaxing area, several smiling furnitures is designed in public space. And a hill like area, that merge with the ground for people to walk up and overlook the park.

In section, the ground line and room height is changing between programs. Outdoor space is inserted in lobby, restaurant, baby center to blur the experience between inside and outside. 

As Boston is considered the largest college town in America, beside study, how to bring the knowledge of globalization and humanity in creative way?

2 in one.jpg