Textile Installation/Social Interaction, 2018


What is the thing you desire behind the border?

What you ought to do in order to go to the other side?

A great career? A sweet partner? A healthy lifestyle? We all are pursuing a desirable life but is it too much? Posts on social media are often too fancy that evoke jealousy, false comparison but really will we take the action? Before rushing off, let us take a step back with KNOT READY, craft with me and GET READY.

As Virginia Woolf once said “A woman must have money and a room of her own." However, it seems that money and a room are not the major matters nowadays, but in fact that women care more about others than themselves; which cause distraction along the way to major achievements. In this project, inviting women to make KNOT READY. Selecting items that are essential to your daily bases along with symbolic objects that are motives in current situation. Gather each room into a shelf then simply layout all essentials. The process is a vital part of the design, through winding thin yarn vertically and horizontally, gradually creates soft, translucent but strong piece of material which represents women.