Mixed Media Art, 2016


see the rules, do follow

do not see the rules, do follow

see the rules, do not follow

 do not see the rules, do not follow



Be a Curio, to find Curio. Rushing to pray to The Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, or gazing at the mystery, the poetry written in ancient Thai alphabets. Discover the beauty of unknown, rule, rhyme, the sound and the repetition.

 With the explanation from the local, the curiosity begins to thrive. The poem indicates the rules of rhymes by using circles and connected lines as restrictions. In detail, the poem focuses on repetition and rhymes, it does not have meaning but create the system. By following the system, the alphabets can be replaced by following the repetition and the rhymes, which creates beautiful sound.

 Repetition plays a vital part in the Thai Poetry, which exaggerates, highlights, and provokes the idea. For example, ไวไว wai wai = hurry hurry, แปลกแปลก plaek plaek = strange strange. However, in English, there is double negative, which two negatives resolving to a positive. For example, He didn’t see nothing = He saw something.

 To know the unknown with curiosity, even without knowing all alphabets. The beauty of unknown is found, everyday surrounding is appreciated, the related notion is intrigued and to be a curio to find curio is reminded.